Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gagné's Five Categories (or Domains) of Learning

From Aronson and Briggs (1938) p. 81-82

1) Intellectual skill
Using concepts and rules to solve problems; responding to classes of stimuli as distinct from recalling specific examples

2) Motor skill
Executing bodily movements smootly and in proper sequence

3) Verbal information
Stating information

4) Cognitive strategy
Originating novel solutions to problems; utilizing various means for controlling one's thinking/learning processes

5) Attitude
Choosing to behave in a particular way

"For Gagne, learning occurs when an individual acquires a particular capability to do something."

"The capability that one acquires when learning verbal information (e.g., a spouse's birthday) is stating the information. On the other hand, the capability that one acquires in learning an attitude is choosing to act in one way or another...When a person has learned a concept, which is one type of intellectual skill, the person has the capability to correctly identify or classify any previously unencountered example of the concept...When a motor skill has been acquired, the capability is being able to execute properly and smoothly all the subskills in a correct sequence...a person who has the capability to originate a novel solution to a problem or who is able to devise a personal system for remembering information or attending to a task is showing that he or she has learned a cognitive strategy.

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